Peugeot electric cars

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In recent years, most of the eminent automakers have been upgrading their factories and assembly lines for the mass production of electric vehicles. Peugeot is no exception, which recently took a huge loan to modernize factory equipment. However, the history of Peugeot knows several quite successful electric cars that were produced by this concern.
Our review of the Peugeot 106 opens, which is on the assembly line from 1995 to 2003. This is Peugeot's most massive electric car to date. The model was very successful and very popular with the customers.

In 2009, at the Paris electric vehicle exhibition, Peugeot presented its hybrid development. It turned out to be a 2009 Peugeot RC sports sedan that could run entirely on battery power without using an internal combustion engine for a long time. A decade ago, there were no such hybrids, so Peugeot won all sorts of awards.
Inspired by the success, in the same 2009 the French showed the Peugeot iOn. This model had a 64 hp electric motor. and a capacious 47 kWh battery. On a single charge, the car could travel 130 km, which is comparable to the Nissan Leaf of the same year. However, something did not grow together, and the planned start of production in 2010 never came.