Other Peugeot products

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Despite the release of good cars, the French concern still does not forget about other areas of activity that have historically brought the company considerable profits. It should be noted that at the time of its foundation, cars were not on the market at all, and Peugeot was selling flour milling devices of its own design.
At the beginning of the last century, the company actively produced joinery products that were widely appreciated far beyond Europe. In particular, Peugeot planers were used in Russia, which by that time was already actively producing cars and participating in racing races.

As for vehicles, even today Peugeot actively produces almost all types of two-wheeled vehicles. Bicycle production has not stopped since 1882. During this time, the company's bicycles won several times in the legendary Tour de France cycling race (between 1903 and 1983). In 1980, the rights to the North American bicycle brand Peugeot passed to ProCycle.
In addition, Peugeot remains Europe's largest manufacturer of scooters, mopeds and scooters. The company's models are appreciated by consumers for their excellent quality and excellent driving characteristics. With the advent of the era of electric transport, the concern is actively developing and selling electric bicycles and electric scooters of a patented design.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/