Peugeot 3008 showed with full autopilot

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Peugeot is actively working on a modern self-driving system that will be able to work without the participation of the driver and potentially become the head of the autonomous taxi service system. Testing of the developed systems is carried out in different conditions, but the latest development of the company - the auto-piloted crossover Peugeot 3008 looks really interesting.
A whole set of all kinds of cameras and sensors was installed in the car, which are controlled by a massive computerized system that occupies the entire trunk of the SUV. Of course, this is only a test sample, and the serial on-board autopilot will take up much less space.

It should be noted that Peugeot has quite a lot of experience in autopilot driving. The company has a number of prototypes that have successfully passed many driving tests. At the moment, active tests are underway for an unmanned taxi system, which should run in one of the suburbs of Paris.
However, autopilot for a serial crossover is something else. In the model of the company, especially those working on electric traction, a new system of autonomous control has long been asking. For this, the French do not spare any efforts and resources, and continue to work actively. Already, the crossover copes well with the flow of traffic and even parking carried out in reverse. It is likely that only a few months remain until the completion of the work.