Peugeot car dealers

14-сен, 11;26 admin 1943
Few people know, but Peugeot has many exhibition showrooms around the world. Most of these establishments are located in Europe, but there are car dealerships in the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Latin America and even Africa. These dealerships are not at all intended for the sale of new cars and this is really interesting.
In such establishments, Peugeot exhibits its latest developments in the field of automotive construction and design, as well as brags about sports achievements and sells souvenirs. The largest showroom of the company is located in Paris, and the second largest in Berlin (Germany).

In both rooms, various exhibitions are held, just like in real museums. Moreover, the exposition changes almost every week. Spectators can stroll through the spacious pavilions, view concept cars, or simply sip coffee in a cozy coffee shop.
Peugeot cars are sold by a dealer network that has been developing since the 80s of the last century. Now the dealers of the company work in 150 countries of the world. In Europe alone, there are about 2,800 official sales centers for cars from Peugeot. In 2007, 3,428,400 vehicles were sold.